Thursday, 5 May 2016

Can football teach us a thing or two about leadership in business?

There's been a little bit of excitement around the UK these past few days and it's got something to do with football and a team in a town that hitherto has been known for it's car park King.

The manger of this football club has taken a team that was languishing at the bottom of the pile to championship level - it's reached the magic 4% of market leaders - and some would argue within the football fraternity that it IS the market leader.  So how has that been done?

Claudio Ranieri leads a team that knows how to recognise talent.  Once they recognise talent, they know how to nurture it to gain commitment and dedication to the club, the organisation and to their sport.  He's managed to do this using, by comparison with others in the field, a very small budget.

How many leaders of corporations or organisations do you know that have managed to achieve that?

Then they have the ability to think strategically, to know their competitor's weaknesses and to take advantage of that.

They have been able to take the brand away from it's industry to make it a household name.  I'm not a football person by any stretch of the imagination yet here I am writing about it.  That's success.

They have been able to focus on what's important, on the factors that made their team the most successful in the business this year.  To go from a no-hoper, to a possible, to a probable, to the top.

That's success.

That's leadership.

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